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The Next Level of Gaming

Always Connected, Even Offline

With our goal to connect users across the world, we make it easier than ever to never lag on what you love. Once you login you are able to tailor your feed to show you what you want to see. Add you favorite games and connect with your favorite personalities to be in touch with what is going on. Have access to articles and conversations happening real time and join the community to share your comments with others.

Your Passion Drives Your Experience

Safe and Secure

Your account information is secured through various endpoint protections which ensure that you can utilize all of the functionalities that ZCRIM has to offer. Store your credit card information securely through our integration with our trusted credit card processor, Stripe. Play with confidence knowing that every users identity has been specifically verified so you don’t get cheated out of your experience. 


Once you finish a match up, simply take a picture of your win and we do the rest! No stress validation ensures that you spend more time competing with your friends rather than validating your game. 


Our platform allows you to play against anyone anywhere without fear of being cheated. With our automatic validation program, you can rest assured that your wins and losses will be recorded with extreme precision. 


Create a login and start linking your favorite platform accounts. ZCRIM allows you to flawlessly navigate between PlayStation, Xbox and your PC. All you have to do is connect. 

Use Any Smartphone

Our goal is to give users access across any platform. We are currently planning to launch our beta version on the iPhone with a plan to release android and PC versions shortly thereafter. Eventually , with your help, we’ll be directly integrated with gaming platforms across all devices.


The Most Interactive Gaming Platform In The World!

Game Pipeline

We are in the process of adding functionality with your favorite games to our platform. Beta version is being launched with one of the games below and we will continue to add games from there. See below for games we are currently considering.

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